What is the ERN?
The ERN was formed to simplify multi-campus collaborations and partnerships in the Northeast, in order to advance the frontiers of research, pedagogy, and innovation.
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PEARC22 Papers Presented by ERN Address Sharing of Vast Data Created by Technology-Enabled Research
Projects Outlined in Papers Seek to Increase Cooperation on Technical, Policy and Business Issues while Lowering Barriers to Broader Access
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ERN Workshops
Learn about the Science and Systems workshops ERN is hosting.
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Meeting Calendar
Learn about compute-intensive research and infrastructure projects of interest to the region.
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Resource Sharing
Prototyping ideas for sharing compute infrastructure
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Research and Education Networks
Colleges, Universities, and Academic Consortia

About ERN

Our goal is to simplify multi-campus collaborations and partnerships in the Northeast through advances in regional cyberinfrastructure.

Get involved

Anyone interested in advancing data and compute intensive research and education in the Northeast is welcome.

What we do

We emphasize a ground up approach, identifying opportunities, developing proof of concept, then scaling up successful ideas.