Virtual All-Hands Meeting: Opening Session

The NSF Mid-Scale is about the design of an instrument to support research. We propose to build an instrument to access or connect researchers and their research instruments, data sources, and associated computational capabilities through federation --, a software and hardware defined “federated collaboratory,” designed to simplify multi-campus collaborations and partnerships that advance the frontiers of research and innovation.

NSF MRI Award to UVA

Speaker: Ron Hutchins - Vice president for Information Technology, University of Virginia

Abstract: Ron Hutchins is currently VP of IT at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Ron's focus at UVA has included growing research computing services in both the systems and the support team. Through two NSF awards (CC* and MRI) UVA has focused on high performance connectivity and protected data. The 2019 award of the ACCORD MRI grant is expanding support for computing resources for protected data, both HIPAA and CUI, for UVA and the other public universities in Virginia. Through this award, the ACCORD partners will be able to host protected data and perform high throughput and highly parallel computations on that data. A focus is being put on building a library of containers that can be reused to speed up approval of the computing environment for research. This presentation will include a brief overview of the ACCORD program and answer any questions.

The Open Cloud Testbed

Speaker: Michael Zink – Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Abstract: A team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, and Northeastern University recently received an award from the National Science Foundation to construct and support a testbed for research and experimentation into new cloud Testbeds such as this are critical for enabling research into new cloud technologies.

Chameleon: How to Build a Cloud++

Speaker: Kate Keahey – Senior Fellow, University of Chicago Computation institute

Abstract: Chameleon is a large-scale, deeply reconfigurable experimental platform built to support Computer Sciences systems research. Kate will will explain the challenges faced in building Chameleon, lessons learned, and operations experiences. She will also describe the packaging of the system that integrates both the developed capabilities and the operational experience and facilitates managing platforms of this kind.

The FABRIC Testbed

Speaker: Jim Griffoen – Professor and Director, University of Kentucky Center for Computational Sciences

Atrio – Composable Cloud Computing

Atrio Dynamically provisions applications and platforms using an intelligent scheduling and provisioning stack on top...